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Costume for Taboo (Powhaus’ celebration of Leigh Bowery)

The costume I put together for Powhaus’ Taboo show at the Rialto to “honor” Leigh Bowery. The hazmat suit got ripped off of me piece by piece during the course of the evening until I was stark naked on the dance floor (thank god I brought a spare g-string!). The video ends with a shot [...]


UGLY Animatronic Polar Bear suit FOR SALE CHEAP!!

Homely looking animatronic polar bear suit for sale or rent CHEAP from Drop us a note via our website NEVER USED WILL SACRIFICE. No really, am about to light this thing on fire if noone will take it off my hands! Made in Buenos Aires by an incredibly terrible FX “artist”. May just [...]


Costumes for Santa: Reindeer Suit with Mascot Head Reindeer Suit with Mascot Head Reindeer suit is one piece made of brown acrylic pile plush with a white acrylic pile plush front tummy. Has a zippered back for easy entry and removal. Comes with a mascot foam head, mits, and shoe covers. For Adults. Sizing is generous. Medium, Body Height 58″. Large, Body [...]


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