UGLY Animatronic Polar Bear suit FOR SALE CHEAP!!

Homely looking animatronic polar bear suit for sale or rent CHEAP from Drop us a note via our website NEVER USED WILL SACRIFICE. No really, am about to light this thing on fire if noone will take it off my hands! Made in Buenos Aires by an incredibly terrible FX “artist”. May just be the ugliest bear suit on planet Earth…. sure to fly off the shelf (especially if shoved). ‘Sad Panda’ has nothing on this sorry soul! Help me make it dissappear, PLEASE!! Perfect for an indie horror comedy film. ACT NOW Supplies are thankfully limited to just ths one!!

Author: mascotmatt

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25 Responses to “UGLY Animatronic Polar Bear suit FOR SALE CHEAP!!”

  1. mascotmatt says:

    @chrisf101 Yes, I’m willing to sell it for half of what I paid. Paid 6000, will sell for 3000. Free shippng. With radio control gear. Never used but for website demo clip.

  2. hiperanimallover says:

    ill give you 100 euros???

  3. foxxiewolf16 says:

    Pizza! You Should eat pizza! XD!

  4. CorruptReaper says:

    @mascotmatt meaning u bought it for 2 grand and will sell it for 4 grand?lol

  5. mascotmatt says:

    @chrisf101 Yes this suit is still for sale. Can use the money now and will sell for 1/3 of what I paid for it. New price is $2000USD not including shipping.

  6. rubyredmedia says:

    Firstly it’s cute not ugly and second that’s a person in a costume

  7. mascotmatt says:

    @andradacristian @andradacristian Yes it is! Ugly AND bad. An Argentine fx artist, Juan Pedro, took me for 6 grand for it. Wanna take it´╗┐ off my hands for 3k? I’ve actually defurrred the head intending to fix that part (try to make it NOT so ugly & work better). In the meantime, if anyone needs a FUGLY animatronic polar bear suit, this is your scary beast!

  8. ubernoobly says:

    ill take it

  9. mascotmatt says:

    @CorruptReaper Paid 6k and am willing to loose 2k on it (selling for 4k). Got it?

  10. chrisf101 says:

    Are you still selling this?

  11. mascotmatt says:

    @DayDreamAscent It was intended to be one of the central characters in a live family musical stage show about global warming. The show experienced production problems causing it to be shelved.

  12. mascotmatt says:

    @hiperanimallover Make it 2000 Euros and it’s a deal!

  13. mascotmatt says:

    @hembrestan This suit is indeed for sale; I paid 6 grand for it & will part with it for 4 grand.

  14. mascotmatt says:

    @DeejayLuuy If you smelt the pancake out of two 1oz Gold Krugerrands, it’s a deal!

  15. andradacristian says:

    IS VERY VERY BADDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. woobare says:

    @rubyredmedia supposed to be. hince the suit part.

  17. SpritesOnPivot says:

    How ’bout… Fish! Nah! I had that yesterday. :(

  18. DisneyAnimalMusicVid says:

    @mascotmatt uhhh can it be a dollar 25? for shipping? lol

  19. TheShadowFan123 says:

    I want it seriously tell me how much

  20. DisneyAnimalMusicVid says:

    i will give you a dollar for it ROFL

  21. mascotmatt says:

    @TheShadowFan123 Make me an offer. I paid 6 grand so keep that in mind, make it a serious offer and it can be yours!

  22. DayDreamAscent says:

    When you bought this originally, what were you planning to do with it?

  23. DeejayLuuy says:

    ok, so I’ll give ya one pancake, and shipping 2 dollars, I don’t need batteries :)

  24. DeejayLuuy says:

    @mascotmatt oh, your good >:3

  25. mascotmatt says:

    @DisneyAnimalMusicVid DEAL! Shipping will be $2999 (batteries NI)

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