Princess Dress Up Clothes Review

If you ask many little girls what their favorite thing is, they will say, “Princesses!”  You don’t have to go to Disneyland to see them make their mark on young children any more.  You can hardly go to the store without seeing hundreds of princess items from cereal, to birthday cakes, to dolls and costumes.  There is princess merchandising in virtually every venue from music to television to clothing.

Many parents are at a loss when looking for the perfect gift or play item for their little girls that involve princesses.  There is just so much to choose from.  Where do you start?  The perfect item to start out with, is a good quality dress up costume.  How do you find a costume that won’t fall apart, and will withstand the every day play of your child or toddler?

Try looking at your local mall or online at the Disney Store.  In the Spring and the Fall, they often do clearance sales to move their current inventory.  Princess costumes are not just for Disneyland any more, they are for every day play.  Once your child has one on, it will be hard to get her in her “regular” clothes for an outing!  The Disney store has dresses from Ariel to Belle and sometimes you can find sizes from little girls to big girls.  The price range for dresses at the Disney Store is usually from $20-$75.

You may also try your local discount store like Walmart or Target.  They often carry a few princes dress up clothes at a discount.  They are usually smaller sizes that only fit little girls, ages 2-4.  They may have shorter skirts or thinner material to make up the price difference between them and the Disney Store.  If you want your dress up to last and as an investment in a toy your child will play with for years to come, don’t buy a princess dress at a discount store.  It will easily rip and fall apart and your child will grow out of it quickly.

If you are looking for something a little less fancy or for a dress that is not your typical “Disney” costume, yet one that is more durable and made from good quality fabric, you could even try a dress made by Little Advetures.  They have all of the main princess dresses as well as other princesses such as Medieval Princess, Pink Princess, and fairy princess dresses.  The best thing about these costumes is they are machine washable.  That’s like a parents dream come true!  They don’t itch and are soft and comfortable to wear, even all day long.  Too bad the same thing can’t be said for those cheap plastic dress up shoes!  Little Adventures also has princess dress ups for dolls, bears, and even adults.  They have a line of boys costumes too including prince, knight, and hero capes like superhero and bathero.

If your child is not as much into princesses, but still likes to dress up, try a machine washable cheerleader costumes.  It would be great for a birthday present, Halloween costume, Christmas gift, or for any other occasion where you might bring or give a gift for little girls.

Author: Shelby

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