Another Korilakkuma In French Outfit – Sega UFO Catcher – Round 1

For more info, PLEASE EXPAND THIS SECTION RIGHT HERE! :) Part of a play list: Latest uploads feature 5 Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma videos. It´╗┐ is for all you Rilakkuma lovers out there. Btw, Rilakkuma prizes are main stays at Round 1. If you are nearby, go try your skills/luck :) (To view/share: Machine’s located at: Footage taken from an arcade called Round 1, located in Southern California. Round 1 Entertainment originates from Japan. This is the very first USA location. UFO Catchers in Round 1 have FAIRLY WEAK prongs, and these UFOs will NOT pick up your prizes effectively most of the time. In addition, at any given time, there is usally only one “target” prize that is for you to win. The rest is stapled/secured to the machine’s for decorative purposes. With this in mind, the player is free to strategize on how to win–and there is always a way to win. The challenge is to spend as few attempts as possible, of course! A note about this vid: Rilakkuma is very popular in Japan, and its craze is spreading to USA. It is no wonder that majority of prizes at Round 1 features this lovable brown bear and his pal Korilakkuma (the white bear). I am trying to get a pair of bears wearing French inspired costumes. This is one of my favorite pairs of prizes I’ve won thus far. I wanted a 2nd Korilakkuma for no reason; waste of money! X\ This one took me a long time to win, too. (And btw, there is an error when the video was rendering. Hence, sorry for all the flickering

Author: ufoclaw

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14 Responses to “Another Korilakkuma In French Outfit – Sega UFO Catcher – Round 1”

  1. ufoclaw says:

    For that night, staff members who are working there are only willing to “re-position” by resetting it to the original position, which imo, will take me way more work to move it back to the hole. So… yeah, I wish the nicer staff members were there that night. >_<

    (There is also a possibility that, at that point, I didn’t know about re-positioning yet, because that was either my 2nd or 3rd visit to Round 1. But I doubt it. I think it’s probably due to the reason above.)

  2. SimonLamCL says:

    after I views most of ur video and others US uploader
    I found that,US UFO catcher at least the power is enough to pick up the doll
    the tricky points are the exit(hole) is small and nostly not enough to let the doll go in ; the dolls may put very nearly and can’t pick up although the crab have power

    btw,thx for ur comments on my videos actually…but sometimes I forgot to @. the cm and del the mail so can’t @ it at last…
    give more comments each others !haha

    do u went gamework ?

  3. ufoclaw says:

    Here is the footage I took from Las Vegas. (Link: Tinyurl dot com / 43tezhp) All but one is taken from Gameworks. You can totally tell that the strength and the way the UFOs behave are totally different from the ones at Round 1. So strategy wise, when comparing these two, I do have to adjust from arcade to arcade.

  4. ufoclaw says:

    I don’t live in Singapore, and I am not from there, either.
    You can ask Princeimm questions regarding Singapore. He lives there.

  5. SkillCraneTube says:

    NICE JOB!!!!

  6. ufoclaw says:

    Oh, yes yes. I have been to Gameworks before. I have been to the one in Ontario and Las Vegas. Gameworks UFOs can pick up stuff. You can actually search for some of the videos I have done in Gameworks, Las Vegas as well. Most prizes, if not all, are won via picking them up.

  7. aiyaitzlisa says:

    @ufoclaw ahh that sucks :( i’ve had them reposition it after they tried to push it down themselves and see that their efforts were useless. they’re really stubborn about it

    but i really do envy your skills!

  8. ufoclaw says:

    Hmmm… this bear actually took anywhere from 10-20 tries. I am not completely sure. If I were to go back and count each attempt, I would be able to find out. But that is such a tedious task that I won’t be doing it. What I can tell you with confidence is that what you see in THIS video, the actual footage has been cut down. So it took me more tries than you can see here. That is not to fool my viewers that I am a better player, but it just gets boring to watch too many fails.

  9. aiyaitzlisa says:

    you should have asked the workers to reposition it and save your money :P

  10. TheMunchieLunchie says:

    You have two. You should give me the 2nd one!

  11. xspherex says:

    Nice videos! appreciate your effort :)
    Anyway, may i ask where do you go to in Singapore to catch all these huge rilakummas? O.O I’m intending to catch them for someone, :/

  12. ufoclaw says:

    Round 1, however, is a special case. They adjust the claw strength so that it is weaker and cannot pick stuff up. And there is only one prize for you to win at a given time. They do that to imitate Japan’s style. Round 1, after all, originates from JPN. So it is to keep it true to the JPN spirit.

  13. Princeimm says:

    At least this took no more than 10 tries. I took more than 15 tries just to get a rilakkuma here in singapore!

  14. ufoclaw says:

    I think them being stubborn is just playing by the official employee/staff rules, haha… But I think being a bit flexible with the rules sometimes is important to keep a business customer friendly. But that’s just me! (Honestly, I think that’s especially true when each attempt is about $3 USD. If they were in our shoes, I think they should agree. It’s expensive to play!)

    Anyway, I don’t have a lot of skills, just some experience and a lot of persistence.

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