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UGLY Animatronic Polar Bear suit FOR SALE CHEAP!!

Homely looking animatronic polar bear suit for sale or rent CHEAP from Drop us a note via our website NEVER USED WILL SACRIFICE. No really, am about to light this thing on fire if noone will take it off my hands! Made in Buenos Aires by an incredibly terrible FX “artist”. May just [...]



WISHLIST trophies: luckycharms soduku art and fishing trophy any telescope trophy space trophy thingy the top flight thing any other rare trophy that DOESNT have to do with holloiween(dont ask) items: antique portrait any snowflake token black and brown belt certificates any blc items suit of amor slippery water slider square bowling ball hand chairs [...]


Would you hug pedo bear?

Ok so i told my friend that if people saw some guy in a pedo costume they would go up to him and hug him and his trying to get me to look like a guy from an anime called To love Ru. The character he wants me to dress up as is King deviluke [...]


Kingdom Hearts Cosplay Costume Make Your Fantasy Come True

Today, you will hardly find a corner where style ceases to be effective. People seek for trendy accessories to make them pop out in the busy throng. Girls do realize a pretty look does a lot for them. Boys also recognize a decent look helps them become more confident. It’ s a reality modern people [...]


What’s the big deal about drawing Muhammad or even depicting him as a teddy bear?!!?

Since this whole South Park thing exploded, I’ve been wondering what the big deal is about portraying Muhammad as a cartoon. Yeah, he’s special religiously, but so are Jesus and Buddha, and no one slung death threats at Matt and Trey for those depictions. Muhammad wasn’t even drawn (in the most recent episodes)… he was [...]


Beanie Baby fancy dress costume?

Is this a good idea for a 90′s fancy dress? I want something a bit unusual so thought this would be cool, with the ty tag and quite easy as there is a lot in choice in animal. With all the choice I can’t think of what to go as though! I don’t really want [...]


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