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Practical Jokes?

Anyone have any idea where I can buy a bear mascot costume for cheap? (Ex. That site has many costumes but all $500+ which I personally do not want to burn just to make a bunch of videos for Youtube. Author: KekrolflolSource:


What kind of Costume Character would YOU hire?

I’ve saved up some money from some odd jobs Ive been doing while staying home with my son, and have enough to purchase a Mascot type costume from ebay for parties. I’ve thought about this and think with the right marketing and price, It could make me a small income (enough for me to take [...]


Care Bear in 2009 NYC Halloween Parade

Tenderheart Bear of the Care Bears marches in the 2009 Greenwich Village Halloween Parade in New York City. Look at the right side of the picture. Author: tenderheartcarebearSource:


Amazing Basketball Shots: The Legendary Shots 3

AS SEEN ON SPORTSNATION ON ESPN2!!! It’s back! The third legendary shots video! All new shots, and new people. Hope you enjoy! Song: It’s Not My Time by 3 Doors Down Author: DcuStudios2Source:


i need help finding costumes!!!!!!?

does anyone know where i can buy a cotume just like this one – or like ths — plz help , thanks Author: KassSource:


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