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Kanoah in his Halloween costume ’08 Author: fasequeiraSource:


HELP Which costume to wear?

Hello lovely people! I need you’re help to choose which costume to get for a costume party, and I’ll probably keep it for Halloween. It’s important. Thanks so much!! <3 Here are the choices: Angel Batgirl Bi-Polar Bear (Polar Bear that’s half black, half white, get it? lol) Teddy Bear Killer Bee Boxer Butterfly Catwoman [...]


Bear Costume Ideas

At times you need an idea for a bears costume. – Some ideas can help you make that decision easier on finding a bear costume easier. Infant Costumes, Childs and Adult Costumes of Brown, Grizzly, Polar and Panda Bears. Look at the most popular bear characters such as Care Bears and the Oatmeal Fuzzy [...]


Unzipping My Tigger Costume & Footed Sleepers 21

Well I Went to Target And Bought The Last 2 Footed Sleepers In The Boys Section That I Neded After I Slowly Unzip My Tigger Costume I Slowly Unzip My Blue Polar Bear Footed Sleeper The Zipper On The Blue Polar Bear Footed Sleeper Is Shaped Like The Zipper On The Girls Red Penguin Footed [...]


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