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Halloween Costume Idea? Need YOUR help.

my idea for a halloween costume? write me down below and tell me what you think! And what you were planning on being. Author: SamanthaDawn2313Source:


what’s a realy good halloween costume?

i want to be something spunky, but something i can make myself. here are some things i like to give you some ideas. alice in wonderland, greek mythology and/or percy jackson and the olympians, harry potter, crazy people, gummy bears, invader zim, tacos, dr. suess, books and/or being a complete nerd, penguins, france, egypt, italy, [...]


Can I have some social tips for parties?

Okay, so I went to a party yesterday & basically everyone was drunk, high or hooking up in the basement. When I came I got like attacked by everybody because I haven’t seen these people for LEGIT like 2 months, and they all gave me bear hugs, guys & girls. I was like “OMGGG HIIII” [...]


tous en costume

que du plaisir Author: lescreateursSource:


How to Throw a Halloween Party That’s Off the Hook

Throwing a Halloween party is one of the most enjoyable things to do as everything about the Holiday calls for a celebration. With all the costumes, candy, decorations and people looking to have a good time, a Halloween party is bound to become a memorable event for all. Like all parties, however, a Halloween bash [...]


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