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The Unknown Truth Season 3; SPECIAL EPISODE!

A special episode! happy EARLY halloween! *WARNING SUBTITLES GO FAST!!! AHH SORRY!!! AND YES THERE IS ‘PROBLEMS’* Costume List: Candee: Goth type Girl Blake: Punk/Popular Dude Chelsea: Cheerleader Emily: Goth (being herself) Nata: Goth (forced by Emily) Jason: himself Christopher: himself Marcus: himself Dominick: salers person Shelby: herself Dylan: ‘Night in Shining’ armor Matt: Mr. [...]



I made the make-shift Pedo-Bear costume myself. XD The rest is just…self explanitory. c) Baby by: Justin Bieber. All rights belong to him. Author: TalkingEggsDotComSource:


Animal Toddler Hat by Lizz

The size of this hat is for a toddler. This is an example of one of the hats that I can make. I do sell hats and the rest go to charity. If anyone wants the pattern, please specify whether you’d like me to send you the whole pattern (adult hat size and ears) or [...]


The Best Ghillie Suits for Familes

The Family’s Guide to Ghillie Suits – These days, given the economy, we are all working harder, longer and are stretched to our limits. All this gives little time to spend with family and friends. The time we do have our kids don’t want to spend it with us, a great way to spend time [...]


Caleb the Bear

Caleb’s dressed in his Halloween costume and ready to go exploring. Author: littleshebear77Source:


can anyone help me find this very cute baby outfit?

i saw my ex neighbor’s son wearing one but she moved before i could ask her where she got it. it looks like a white bear, it was for a 10 month old (so cute), it had mittens attached, footed and a hood with the bear ears. it was adorable but i cannot seem to [...]


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