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The Shining – the most rare scene

the most rare scene in the Shining of Stanley kubrick movie Author: andutoSource:


Tim Reynolds and Pooh Bear

You read the title right. This is from his show in Athens, GA. He called up pooh bear and a guy dressed in a poor bear costume, wearing a gas mask started dancing on the stage. Really Tim? Really? Author: mfischer1Source:


winnie the pooh slippers?

I’m being winnie the pooh for halloween, but i’m piecing together my costume (get a red t-shirt and put POOH on it, get the ears, etc). However, I have no idea where to get the shoes? i wanted it to be something like this: but for pooh bear instead of minnie mouse. or maybe [...]


Playing dress up

I couldn’t resist putting the pooh bear costume on her! Author: panssyrinx08Source:


Which of these halloween costumes should I choose?

Me and a group of four friends are dressing up for halloween. Should we be, cereal box characters (trix bunny, cheerios bee, frosted flakes tiger and lucky charms leprechan), pooh bear characters (pooh, piglet, tigger and eeyore), or wizard of oz characters(dorothy, scarecrow, tin girl, and lion). We are 13-14 year old girls. Author: Lillie [...]


if your creative please read.?

so my bestfriend wants to be pooh bear for halloween. shes 16. she wants it to be cute though. do you know where she can buy one, or how we can make a cute pooh bear costume? thanks! Author: nikxcoreSource:


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