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Anthropaws Fursuiting at 2010 Issaquah Salmon Days – Part 2

Upon viewing our video from last year, the wonderful organizers of Issaquah Salmon Days festival invited our group back this year as “Ohfishal” entertainment! We had a record turnout of 12 costumed performers on Saturday and 8 on Sunday. We stayed mostly in the Kids area of the festival, the “Field of Fun,” which was [...]


Do you think Howie is getting too inappropriate for being a judge on America’s Got Talent?

In my view, he doesn’t conduct himself well as a judge on the show. For example, on the wild card show he buzzed one of Piers’ picks (the harmonica player) even before he started his act. That’s just rude and inappropriate! And he did it because he got personally offended that Piers was implying that [...]


Bear Halloween Costume Ideas : Chin Makeup for Bear Halloween Costumes

Learn makeup tips for the muzzle of a bear Halloween costume in this free Halloween costume ideasvideo. Expert: Matt Cail Contact: Bio: Matt Cail is an artist who works in oil, water color and acrylic paints, among others. Filmmaker: randy primm Author: expertvillageSource:


Lili defeats the Werewolf!

Wesley is in a bear costume pretending to be a werewolf. Lili beats him with a light saber. Yeah, I probably could have stopped it, but it was too funny…and Wes was laughing too. Author: GinaMWTSource:


Shop till you drop at Tokyo Toy Store: toys, headphonies and others

A very important role in the life of a child is played by toys. This is his universe. Do not be concerned that your child sees the world through his toys. Toys exist since the beginning of time. Human society tried to create by hand what they saw in nature, sometimes following the proportions. Like [...]


Care Bear at Teddy Bear Rally in Amherst MA 2000

Tenderheart Bear entertains at the popular Amherst Teddy Bear Rally, greeting teddy and Care Bear fans, dancing wit kids, conductting the chorus to “Teddy Bear Picnic”, visiting the ice cream bus and leading the parade around the Common. Author: tenderheartcarebearSource:


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