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Costume for Taboo (Powhaus’ celebration of Leigh Bowery)

The costume I put together for Powhaus’ Taboo show at the Rialto to “honor” Leigh Bowery. The hazmat suit got ripped off of me piece by piece during the course of the evening until I was stark naked on the dance floor (thank god I brought a spare g-string!). The video ends with a shot [...]


Rajin in teddy bear costume

Crawling down hallway Author: puromtecSource:


I am n search of one f my favourite song….but i cnt find it…pls does anyone knows ths song?

i heard ths song first on 2007…..but i thk it is a 2006 song…….i am nt sure abt the lyrics….it is somethg like ‘u love me love…u love me love..u love me love……’…I can’t recollect it from my memory……but i know the scenes in tht song….it is like one guy is wearing a teddy bear [...]


Happy Halloween

Sammie wearing Mandi’s old panda costume. Mandi dressed as Captain Bubblegum Author: PysankiKMHWSource:


Best outfit for teddy bear: Hogwarts uniform, Grey’s scrubs, suit, or punk rock clothes?

I am making a teddy bear for school and want to make clothes for it as well. In terms of being the easiest to make and looking the best, which clothes do you think I should make? Thankyou very much~ Suit: Grey’s Anatomy scrubs: Punk rock clothes: Hogwarts (Harry Potter) uniform: [...]


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